Data Theft: It happens to us all

2:36pm— text message received “XXX Fraud Alert: Did you just attempt a $1,670.86 charge on a Card ending XXXXX at Lowe’s Gift Card Center? If yes, reply 1, 2 to speak to an agent”

2:37pm— phone call to the credit card company “I just received a text about a large charge on my card.” “Yes, since it occurred in North Carolina for a large amount we declined the charge and sent the message. Did you try to make that purchase?”

2:45pm—a replacement card was on the way. It is fortunate that, like many financial institutions, my credit card company had a fraud monitoring system in place that flagged this. And I suppose for the worst, I would have noticed and disputed it when reviewing my monthly bill. However, it does make me wonder how it happened (they promised me an update after investigation), what else may have been stolen and what may happen next. For now, I will just keep a close eye on my credit cards, bank account and credit score…and definitely not use my debit card anywhere but the bank! I have written quite a bit recently about how information like mine is being stolen from companies. Now I guess I can say I’ve experienced the result of one such breach personally. Hopefully, that is the end of my story.

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