New travel risks

With two young boys at home and a quick “in and out” trip to DC putting me on a plane twice in four days, my wife was naturally worried about my safety.
Little did she know the full extent of possible risk that has recently come to light, with the Center for Internet Security reporting that cyber criminals compromised 12 U.S. airports last year.  Further, traces of the same attack apparently turned up at 75 airports in the U.S.  Kind of scary.
A couple of additional interesting bits are the reason for this blog:
1)     The attack is believed to have started with a phishing attack (with malicious attachment) targeting the aviation industry
2)     Apparently 2/3 of the malware was later connected to the zero access botnet
This is why we encourage organizations to look across their complete security posture- covering email filtering, botnet detection, sandboxing and more- when addressing these types of advanced threats.
More information on the technologies we recommend can be found here.  No mention of the intended or actual impact has been shared.  If you have seen additional coverage, let us know.

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