Hacker puts 'full redundancy' code-hosting firm out of business

The story "Hacker puts 'full redundancy' code-hosting firm out of business," posted Thursday, misstated the name of the service affected in paragraphs four through seven.

The service is called Code Spaces.

The affected paragraphs have been corrected on the wire and now read:

The attacker also gained access to Code Spaces' control panel on EC2 and deleted the company's digital assets from Amazon's infrastructure when the company tried to regain control of its account.

"We finally managed to get our panel access back but not before he had removed all EBS [Amazon Elastic Block Store] snapshots, S3 [Amazon Simple Storage Service] buckets, all AMI's [Amazon Machine Images], some EBS instances and several machine instances," Code Spaces said in an announcement on its website. "In summary, most of our data, backups, machine configurations and offsite backups were either partially or completely deleted."

According to a cached version of the Code Spaces site, the company said that "more than 200 companies a week" used the service.

It's not clear how the attacker managed to gain access to the company's backups, especially since Code Spaces boasted before the attack that its hosting services had full redundancy, high availability and performed real-time backups to multiple off-site locations. The company had also claimed to have "a full recovery plan that has been proven to work and is, in fact, practiced."

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