Take-out food may have just gotten more expensive

With two young ones at home and a wife pursuing her own career, it is not uncommon for us to order take-out for dinner during the week.  So it was with great (and slightly aghast) interest that I read about the most recent data breach at P.F. Chang’s.

While details are sparse with the incident just reported by sources outside the company and currently under investigation inside the company, a few things have already caught my eye:

  • While this is technically “retail” and I am well aware of the breaches reported late last year and into the beginning on this year, I was still surprised to see that “Track 1 and 2 data” was stolen from a restaurant chain this time.
  • Sources claim that it was the same set of cybercriminals, yet different methods of entry were used.
  • As is often the case, the theft was identified by external parties (the banks who issued credit cards used at the chain) as opposed to the company itself.

I will continue to keep an eye on this incident as it unfolds, but I would again encourage security professionals- in light of data breaches at Target, eBay, Monsanto and now P.F. Chang’s- to have a look at our Advanced Threat Protection Framework and consider the various technologies available at various stages of the threat lifecycle to help reduce the risk to their organization.  Not just what is or is not deployed, but how it is deployed, managed and monitored.

As for me, I think we will be cooking at home more often…so I guess that is one silver lining. 

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