Big-screen con artists: 7 great movies about social engineering

They may have been called con artists, scoundrels or even matchstick men. Regardless of the name, social engineers have been the subject of several great movies over the years. Here are seven examples of films where social engineers' techniques were turned into big-screen stories.
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Matchstick Men

Con men Roy (Nicholas Cage) and Frank (Sam Rockwell) run a scam that starts with telemarketing a price-inflated water filtration system and ends with posing as federal agents who want to nail the telemarketers. This con starts small and ends with a big-time take.

As social engineering expert and author Chris Hadnagy said, "This movie is about a scam wrapped in an social engineering gig wrapped in a con. It is a twister and really good.” (Read the article for more details about this and the other films -- though we won't spoil all the surprises.)


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