The Executive Guide to Data Loss Prevention


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Definitions, challenges, and implementation tips from the trenches. [PDF]

Over the last few years, you've heard a lot from information executives, consultants and vendors about data loss prevention, an emerging discipline that aims to keep business-critical, private information from falling into the wrong hands. If it's all left you scratching your head, there's a reason. Businesses are looking for a way to prevent the loss of data, conceptually, while vendors are offering the acronym-friendly Data Loss Prevention (DLP). The disconnect between the two things has led to a fair amount of confusion.

There are subtle but critical differences between the prevention of data loss, a business imperative, and DLP, the product set. DLP tools, implemented correctly with the right processes in place, can indeed help prevent the loss of data. Buying and installing DLP, however, isn't as simple as some marketers would like you to believe, nor is it ever a goof-proof process. This executive guide, based on research done by CSO Magazine and, is intended to help you make sense of DLP, the tools, while figuring out the best way to actually help your organization from losing data.

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