Dell rolls new security features into its commercial PCs

Dell has added new encryption, authentication, and malware protection tools to make its commercial PCs the most secure available.

Computer and network security is crucial for every company. Dell is making life a little easier for CSOs and IT admins by integrating stronger security into its commercial PC line right out of the box, and giving companies the tools to effectively manage and protect their PCs.

Dell announced last week that it is launching three new Dell Data Protection (DDP) tools for business customers. Here is a brief description of each:

  • Dell Data Protection | Encryption (DDP | E) –Now available factory-installed on commercial PCs, with automated deployment and provisioning capabilities for IT admins.

  • Dell Data Protection | Protected Workspace (DDP | Protected Workspace) –provides an additional layer of security to detect and block malicious behavior that might be missed by third-party anti-malware tools.

  • Dell Data Protection | Security Tools (DDP | Security Tools) –enables advanced authentication techniques and integrated management with data encryption policies.

“IT decision makers are facing the increasingly difficult challenge of protecting company data and ensuring compliance while enabling end-user productivity,” said Brett Hansen, executive director, end user computing, Dell in a press release. “To address this challenge Dell is providing the most secure—and with unique Intel v-Pro technology—the most manageable commercial PCs.”

The new DDP capabilities provide a comprehensive suite of data protection. Dell has included support for Windows 8, and delivers auto deployment and provisioning of new users with factory-installed DDP tools. Dell is offering the security capabilities on Precision workstations, OptiPlex desktops, and Latitude laptops and tablets.

“Dell understands the demand for end-to-end security solutions and services, especially IT challenges at the endpoint,” said Chris Christiansen, IDC program vice president, security products & services. “Despite worldwide economic pressures, a recent IDC study forecasts 2013 worldwide security product revenues to grow 7.8 percent. Given the demand, Dell is focused on protecting information, streamlining administration, guarding against advanced threats, and ensuring proper access.”

DDP | Protected Workspace is powered by Invincea. It places suspicious or malicious activity in a sandbox—a protected environment—any time suspect code tries to access the Internet, or as unknown files are encountered in email links or attachments. DDP | Protected Workspace enables Dell commercial PCs to deliver additional protection against advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero day attacks, without impeding user productivity.

As our computing habits change, and our workforce becomes more mobile, guarding intellectual property, sensitive customer data, and employee information becomes a greater and greater challenge. Laptops, tablets, and USB thumb drives are designed to be portable—which also makes them more easily lost or stolen, along with all of the data they contain. IT admins need all the help they can get to secure endpoints, and protect data as efficiently as possible.

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