Red Hat Launches RHEL5 ... and 11 Security Advisories

Yesterday, while preparing to go over and talk to a group of ITPros at the conference center about security, vulnerability analysis and related topics, I noticed that Red Hat had officially launched their new version of RHEL, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. 

The story recalled some information to mind that I had just recently been examining with respect to the RHEL4 in 2005, so I went out to http:/ to have a look.  I found the new errata page easily: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop (v. 5 client) and clicked on the security filter button to just look at security advisories.  For those that don't want to click through yourself, here is a screenshot.

Red Hat RHEL5 Security Advisories - Ship Day

In total, 11 security advisories fixing approximately 36 unique security vulnerabilities.  Three of the advisories are marked Critical and one kernel patch marked Important.  Even an important one in Xen...

Ah well ... it'll make my 90 day analysis of operating system vulnerabilties that much more interesting.

Regards ~ Jeff

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