Curated Catalyst for Sept 27-29 - make better decisions, ideal workspace, use science to unwind

Three articles curated to provoke thinking, create conversation, and purposefully cross-pollinate diverse solutions in the field of information security.

The increase in conversations over the last few weeks is energizing. Different ideas, expressed well, seeking solutions. A refreshing positive approach. We need more.  

We need more constructive conversations that search for commonalities and solutions. To come together more often and exchange ideas, questions, solutions. But then they need to lead to distilled solutions. Concrete, clear, and specific areas to focus. 

We can do three things remarkably. In fact, doing the right three things well means allowing others to take responsibility. And then we can find the next three things.

It's time to figure out how to progress. To explore the three things.

Would you participate in a regular hangout/exercise to identify and explore opportunities and solutions? Let me know. 

As we consider that challenge, here are three articles I recently enjoyed and selected to stimulate some thinking -- and discussion -- on how we might draw on other fields to improve our approach to the practice of security.



What I took away from it:

Many of us are in a state of constant reaction. We've kidded ourselves into believing that we make great decisions under pressure. All the time. Every day.

Except we don't.

I enjoyed the five tips - and especially the 10-10-10 rule outlined in the article. It's a quick, insightful, and helpful read.

6 Psych Tips For Creating The Ideal Workspace


What I took away from it:

Where and how we work is important. As outlined in previous curated catalyst updates, it's also an opportunity for security to connect with people, solve problems, and demonstrate value.

This one, however, is largely about us. Some tips for optimizing where and how we work.

Curious if you do any of these… and how it works for you. 

Unwind: The Science of Rest, Relaxation and Sleep


What I took away from it:

We all need more sleep. More, we all benefit from more rest and relaxation. This post is loaded with links and ideas -- all worth exploring.

What works for you to rest, relax, and unwind?

How did these resonate with you?

Selecting an article isn't necessarily an endorsement. The purpose is to purposefully cross-pollinate ideas, offer out ideas for consideration, and stimulate some conversation.

Take a few minutes to read, reflect, and advance. Engage with me by commenting below, on twitter, or by email. Or discuss with your team and colleagues.

Have some outside thinking that others would benefit from? Send it to me -- and tell me what you took away from it.

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