Use twitter? Have ideas on security and privacy? Join me for a chat tomorrow

Engage online in a twitter chat to discuss security, privacy, and practical solutions for these times

While limited to 140 characters each, twitter is an opportunity for exchanging ideas.

Tomorrow (September 25) I engage in my first-ever "twitter chat." I was invited by RSA Europe to discuss security and privacy.

I'd like you to join in, too.

It's an opportunity to blend our ideas, challenge conventional thinking, and explore solutions. Together.

While researching twitter chats, I found this article that explains them well:

Here are the details:

RSA Conference (@RSAConference) is hosting Dejan Kosutic (@Dejan_Kosutic), Robin Wilton (@futureidentity), me (@catalyst)  and others on Sept 25, from 3-4pm CET. That's 9-10am EDT.

Follow the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #securitychat or view the stream on the RSA Twitter webpage at

Here is a preview of the questions to be asked and discussed:

  • Are security and privacy complementary or conflicting ideals?
  • What security technologies or solutions can be used to enhance privacy?
  • What are the security and privacy implications of embracing cloud-based apps and services?
  • Who should define expectations for data privacy?
  • Is online privacy dead?
  • What’s the best way for concerned individuals to protect their privacy online?

My interest is for the conversation to focus on solutions. Actionable ideas (yes, in 140 characters or so). The start of a conversation that we can continue.

I look forward to learning from you tomorrow. And in the future.

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