Invitation to publicly discuss the future of security tomorrow (Tuesday Sept 17)

Engage in an online forum to explore the future of security with defensive, unified, and responsive strategies that make a difference

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go…

Admit it, you started to sing along. I was singing as I wrote it.

In a few hours, I'll make my way through airport security, hang at the gate, board the plane and fly (technically, I'm riding) to Washington, DC.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, September 17, 2013) I participate in a Cyber Security Think Tank event hosted by Dell (graciously sponsoring my travel to attend). 

What are you doing from 10a - 3pm Eastern tomorrow?

I'd like you to engage and share your ideas online - with me and the other participants. 

Here's how:

  • Tune in to the Think Tank via live stream on Sept. 17. Watch the entire event or select from the sessions outlined below.
  • Follow the conversation on Twitter with #CyberSecurity and by following @DellServices, @DellSecureWorks, @DellSoftware, @DellDP, and @SonicWall. Read what attendees are tweeting by subscribing to the twitter list of participants
  • Participate through the live stream chat box or the #CyberSecurity Twitter hashtag. Submit questions / comments via the Livestream chat box or using the #CyberSecurity hashtag via Twitter. Some questions submitted online will be incorporated into the live event for participants to discuss.

Better yet, engage directly with me directly on twitter (@catalyst).

In the meantime, if you have ideas, research, examples or other thoughts I should be aware of, send me an email today. Or leave a comment, drop me a note on LinkedIn, or start a discussion on Google+. For me, this is the start of a necessary dialog, not a one-time event. I'm on the panel, I can carry our message forward. 

The event is structured to discuss how public and private organizations can share threat intelligence and best practices to defend against increasingly advanced and frequent cyber attacks.

The agenda includes:

Defensive strategies: implementing best practice security controls (10:00–11:15am EDT)

  • What are the top reasons advanced targeted threats succeed?
  • How do you map security controls to risk mitigation? What’s the cost of not doing it?
  • Attack surfaces are expanding with BYOD, use of cloud, Internet of Things – can you securely extend your network?

Unified strategies: How can the public and private sectors work together to address security challenges? (11:30am–12:30pm EDT)

  • What could government do that would help companies increase security?
  • What best practices can private industry provide government that would help national/Critical Infrastructure security?
  • Any U.S. or International examples of doing it right?

Responsive Strategies: Best practices to minimize the impact of a security breach (1:30–2:30pm EDT)

  • Stuff happens – how to prepare for the inevitable
  • Disclosure/notification – balancing corporate needs, regulatory requirements and publicity
  • Rebounding from a disaster – investigating root cause and eradicating threats

Recap of key themes & takeaways (2:30–3:00pm EDT)

I look forward to a productive conversation. My goal is to use this as a way to start more conversations. Necessary discussions about the changes we need to make today for a better future. I'll share the ideas and elements that inspire me in the coming days.

In addition, check out video highlights on the Dell Services YouTube Channel / Dell Services Storify page and photos on Dell’s Flickr account.

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