Curated Catalyst (Sept 6-8) - you make bad decisions, career narrative, wasting time

Three articles curated to provoke thinking, create conversation, and purposefully cross-pollinate diverse solutions in the field of information security.

The tourists have left the beach, schools are back in session, and it feels like we're getting back into a routine. It's a great time to pause, for just a moment, to reflect on the year so far.

Priorities change, so what was important a few months ago may not be as pressing. Now is the time to adjust and prepare for a strong finish to the year. It's also a great time to consider how to set the stage for a great 2014.

Here are three articles selected to stimulate some thinking -- and discussion -- on how we might draw on other fields to improve our approach to the practice of security.

Intelligence agents more prone to irrational decision making than students


What I took away from it:

The myth that people are incapable of making good risk decisions persists. So what happens when agents trained to make good decisions get out performed by students?

And how does this apply to some of the work we do in security? What about our decisions about risk?

This is more valuable than we're likely to give credence to.

Younger Workers Need a Career Narrative


What I took away from it:

This is our role to advance the profession. When I got started, security barely existed, and it was considered a dead-end career path. At the time, anyone with "security" experience earned it, proved it daily, and pretty much worked across a variety of fields.

Today we're much more disciplined and specialized. For the most part, that's good. So where's the narrative? And how are we helping people build theirs?



What I took away from it:

Universally, we wish for more time. Time for work, time for play, time for family. We'd like more time. Where does the time go?

This article exposes a new phrase for procrastination that I plan to use in the future. Check it out to see if you agree.

More, it's a quick read and a chance to reconsider where and how we spend our time. Perfect for a nice weekend read and consideration as we move forward.

How did these resonate with you?

Selecting an article isn't necessarily an endorsement. The purpose is to purposefully cross-pollinate ideas, offer out ideas for consideration, and stimulate some conversation.

Take a few minutes to read, reflect, and advance. Engage with me by commenting below, on twitter, or by email. Or discuss with your team and colleagues.

Have some outside thinking that others would benefit from? Send it to me -- and tell me what you took away from it. 

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