2013 Security Trends

In looking at the security landscape for this year, two trends are clear.  Cloud computing and BYOD programs will continue to flourish.  Both present a similar challenge to businesses:  placing control of data into the hands of third parties or on third party devices.  

The primary challenge of cloud computing is the growing trend by cloud providers to narrow their responsibility for your data.  Where once vendors were willing to assume real liability for the security of your data and provide strong service levels, those same vendors are now refusing any material liability and so thoroughly qualifying their SLAs that they no longer provide any real protection.  Businesses must truly evaluate the risk-reward of using such services, taking into account the level of sensitivity of the data being entrusted to the vendor and the contractual protections they are offered.

As to BYOD, we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.  Various security vendors are developing or have already released products to help better manage these devices.  In particular, approaches to segregating personal data from business data are finally becoming available.

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