Ten tweets with Black Hat's Trey Ford

Trey Ford, General Manager of Black Hat, tells us how the organization is evolving, how the NSA surveillance revelations have been GOOD for infosec, and explains his love of flying, all in 140 characters or less.

Each month I choose an industry leader, security executive or manager, or other noteworthy security name to answer ten questions on Twitter. This month, Trey Ford, General Manager for Black Hat, gives us his responses to ten questions in 140 characters or less. 

CSO: You recently wrapped another season of Black Hat. How do you think this year's event went?

Trey ‏Ford (@treyford): #BlackHat had a solid year. Surveillance revelations challenged our community, raising InfoSec into the spotlight.

CSO: Do you think surveillance/the NSA controversy will be a continued focus of planning and discussion for #BlackHat as we head into 2014?

Trey Ford: I am confident people are always thinking about privacy. Encryption, Operational Security & related topics will be on the rise.

CSO: So would you say the NSA revelations have been a good thing for #infosec, in terms of exposure and attention?

Trey Ford: In terms of exposure & attention- absolutely. The NSA revelations brought InfoSec discussions to dinner tables around the world. It's kind of a shame that it takes negative events to garner that level of attention.

CSO: Back to #BlackHat: How do you think the event itself has evolved in the last several years? Have you observed any major changes?

Trey Ford: BlackHat evolves w/ the community, listens aggressively, invests internationally & is increasing transparency w/ our Review Board.

CSO: Anything new or different in the early works for next summer's Black Hat?

Trey Ford: Excited about moving to Mandalay Bay in 2014- I can't share much... Training is growing, watch for more hands-on workshops!

CSO: Understood. Tell us about yourself. How did you get into #infosec ?

Trey Ford: InfoSec has no shortage of change or challenge. Like most, I fell into & in love WITH it. It is kind of a calling.

CSO: Now that you've been in the field for awhile, what do you like best about your job? Or about the #infosec industry?

Trey Ford: The diversity of people, perspective, & challenges we face. Effective collaboration fuels me.

CSO: What about when you're not working in #infosec? What do you like to do outside of your work with #BlackHat ?

Trey Ford: Outside work, you can probably find me cooking with my wife, riding a motorcycle, flying a plane… dreaming of & seeking adventure.

CSO: Sounds great. OK, complete this sentence: If I weren't working in security, I would be ___________________.

Trey Ford: I'd be trying to find away to pay the bills flying aircraft. Preferably at air shows. Yea... definitely flying in air shows.

CSO: Always good to set your "sights high" (bad pun intended). Our ten tweets are up. Pass the buck: Who should @csoonline tweet with next?

Trey Ford: You should chat with one of the #BlackHat Review Board. I'm sure @RSnake or @WeldPond would be up for the challenge.

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