Ten tweets with HP's Rafal Los

Security industry veteran Rafal Los (@Wh1t3Rabbit) gives us his thoughts on careers, leadership and his philosophy on security in 140 characters or less

I'm asking industry leaders, security executives and managers, and other noteworthy security names to answer ten questions on Twitter. This month, HP's Raf Los agreed to give me his responses to ten questions in 140 characters or less.

Joan Goodchild: @msjoanieg How long have you been in security?? ???

Rafal Los: @Wh1t3Rabbit I've been doing 'security tasks' since roughly '99; but been 'strictly security' since 2001... those are slightly different.

msjoanieg: What first brought you to this industry?

Wh1t3Rabbit: What drew me to the security industry is my love for solving puzzles; security is a puzzle made up of many moving parts.

msjoanieg: Agreed. So how has your career path changed over time?

Wh1t3Rabbit: When I was younger everything was a technical puzzle; over time I've adjusted course to 'strategy' where big issues are solved.

Wh1t3Rabbit: So in short, early on in my career every answer was technical; now I realize that's only a small part of big picture.

msjoanieg: You're moving from senior security strategist with HP to a new role. Tell us about it.

Wh1t3Rabbit: I'm taking a role as Principal, HP Enterprise Security Services; reason:products are only part of the solution, people are the rest.

msjoanieg: What changes are you looking forward to with the new position?

Wh1t3Rabbit: I'm moving from 'talking about' solutions to tough problems, to actually working on solving them w/customers- which is awesome.

msjoanieg: You mentioned you think ‘secure’ is an old word that will eventually be replaced by something else. What?

Wh1t3Rabbit: 'Secure' is concrete & binary which is 'should' be replaced, the concept I'm (others too) using is 'defensible' which is logical.

msjoanieg: Can you describe your security philosophy in 140 characters or less?

Wh1t3Rabbit: "There is no 'secure', organizations must prepare to actively defend what is business critical, intelligently. IT basics are key.

msjoanieg: Fill in the blank. If I didn’t work in security, I would be ___________

Wh1t3Rabbit: "sleeping a log more" ... only half-kidding ... "working in law enforcement in some way, chasing 'bad guys.'"

msjoanieg: Tell us about your Twitter handle. What was the inspiration for @Wh1t3Rabbit?

Wh1t3Rabbit: I'm a BIG "Alice in Wonderland" fan, and of course "The Matrix" so the White Rabbit is a common metaphor, suits me well.

msjoanieg: OK, pass the buck now. Who do you think CSO should tweet with next?

Wh1t3Rabbit: Next? I'd go with ... ?@michaelkearn or ?@wgragido or ?@rayumerley ...or all of 'em

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