National Critical Intelligence Estimate - North Korea - Utica College

Utica College National Critical Intelligence Estimate - North Korea

?North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) is recognized as a totalitarian state

?It functions as a single-party military dictating “Juche” (self-reliant) republic

?Death of Kim Jong IL and his young son Kim Jong Un’s appointed as North Korea’s Supreme Leader, have developed many unknowns about the political climate

?As a centrally directed and least open economy that faces many chronic problems, impacts of recent changes pose several questions about the country’s future and stability

?North Korea’s nuclear, missile and other asymmetric military capabilities is a concern to the U.S. and presents challenges to regional security and stability

?Recent nuclear tests and overt threats by the new leader required a full analysis to determine North Korea’s intentions and capabilities

Using the Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH) diagnostic technique, critical questions were analyzed against several hypothesis

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