Washington Naval Yard Shooting - Case Analysis - Utica College

Issue 1:

• Could the attack have been substantially more lethal if the shooter had pre-planned and preositioned

additional key attack elements thereby increasing the efficiency of the attack?

• Could the attack be a diversionary tactic to draw attention away from the true reason, data breach of classified information?

Issue 2:

• Could the risk of an attack been reduced through a layered defense implementation of X-ray machine/metal detector suites, more security cameras with facial recognition capabilities, and increased access controls (biometrics or improved identification badging)?

Analysis of the issues result in the following risk assessment values:

Initial Risk Assessment (Baseline) = 18%

Attack Boost (Worst Case) = 12% increase

Defense Boost (Best Case) = 14% decrease

• After applying the Ryan-Nichols Equation the NET value  requires $2.28Million dollars to mitigate the risk of the attack

• Implementation of multilayered defense with enhanced access control systems and procedures are recommended

Read the rest in the downloadable PowerPoint show file here:  http://treadstone71llc.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/washingtonnavalyardshooting-caseanalysis.ppsx 


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