Maskirovka – Tactical, Operational, Strategic Deception

"The Op is in Motion"

The bombings in Boston have raised many questions and this writing will raise even more competing hypotheses that hopefully, make the reader think beyond the current media barrage.

The ultimate goal of stratagem is to make the enemy quite certain, very decisive, and wrong.” (Handel, 1985)

The use of social media in this case created immediate decisions without credibility, reliability, or validation of sources. Social media served as judge and jury as information exploded on Twitter, blogs, Facebook, and YouTube. The number of videos, images, and data feeds hit our senses like the driving rain from a hurricane. So much data and so little time. The data explosion fed directly into the mindset of Americans. We ate the data as fast as it presented itself. It was much like a Nathan’s Famous contest to see who could spew a decision fastest and then move onto the next conclusion with every bite. Someone has done homework on the American social media psyche.

From Reddit threads to Twitter feeds, we are guilty of perpetrating and propagating untruths in the name of being first to gain power. In Tooheyesq fashion, we pray on the weak-minded, reality-TV, American Idol voting mentality of citizens. We crowdsource our way to social allegiances that form as rapidly as they dissolve. The necrotizing fasciitis of American psyche has been in the works for years. Methods of manipulation and psychological cyber warfare play our psyche like pawns on a chessboard.

The Boston Bombings present many different viewpoints on what actually occurred and when. We have rushed to decision points without following the intelligence lifecycle. At this point, I am still collecting data and trying to organize what I have just to start asking the questions. Below is an initial listing of those questions (a point in time) that have various degrees of initial evidence that could confirm or disconfirm their validity.

Question:  Who was behind the Boston Marathon Bombings? Who are the others potentially involved? That may be the main question but the hypotheses are numerous.

  • Tamerlan and Jahar independently executed the bombings.
  • Tamerlan and Jahar executed the bombings at the direction of Al-Qa’eda.
  • Tamerlan and Jahar executed the bombings to spite their family.
  • Tamerlan and Jahar executed the bombings at the direction of Chechen Jihadists – KavKaz.
  • Tamerlan and Jahar were radicalized from online content.
  • Their mother was involved in the radicalization.
  • Tamerlan and Jahar learned to make bombs from online content.
  • Tamerlan was instructed on how to make bombs during his stay in Dagestan.
  • Tamelan learned to make bombs in Dagestan from Al-Qa’eda.
  • Tamerlan learned to make bombs in Dagestan from Chechen Jihadists.
  • Tamerlan was directed by an Uncle who served as a Lieutenant for Ramzan Kadyrov.
  • Ramzan Kadyrov received instructions from Moscow to perform these actions.
  • Tamerlan met with Armenians posings as Islamists.  
  • Armenians funded by FSB.
  • Misha (Mikhail) is part of the radicalization.
  • Misha (Mikhail) is a false flag to deceive.
  • Tamerlan met with FSB posing as Islamists.
  • Russian tips provided to US are guided as part of maskirovka.
  • Mochamad Kasmali is part of the funding path for the bombings.
  • Mohamed Djohar is tied to Mochamad Kasmali for bomb training and funding.
  • Newmont Mining is linked to the bomb making/materials.
  • Authorities received a tip of violence before the event.
  • Craft International was at the marathon for training.
  • Craft International was at the marathon for security.
  • The announcements during the marathon about ‘this is just a test’ were in fact part of the security based upon the tip.
  • The investigation was guided by someone in the IC.
  • The Kennedy library explosion was part of the terror program.
  • Tamerlan and Jahar were at MIT to meet their contact.
  • Tamerlan and Jahar were meant to be captured.
  • Tamerlan and Jahar were not meant to have an escape route.
  • Tamerlan was arrested prior to the shootout.
  • Tamerlan escaped prior to the shootout.
  • Tamerlan was released prior to the shootout.
  • Tamerlan is not dead and in protective custody.
  • Russia wants to sway US opinion against Chechen Rebels (associated with al-Qa’eda).
  • Russia wants to take greater military action against adversaries in the region prior to the Sochi Olympics.
  • Events or an event in Russia will trigger a military incursion.
  • Russia wants to solidify control over the area as Western encroachment continues.
  • Iran supports the Russian plan.

Handel, M. I. (1985). Military Deception in Peace and War. Jerusalem: Magnes Press, The Hebrew University.

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