SOURCE Boston 2014

Launched in 2008 the SOURCE Boston conference has grown to become one of the must attend security events. Along with the sister conferences in Dublin and Seattle they provide for some rather excellent content. The event usually draws in 350 or so attendees from around the greater Boston area as well as places as far afield as Toronto ;)

The SOURCE vision statement:

In our vision, we see SOURCE as a leader in the security industry where attendees, speakers, and sponsors identify solutions for the toughest and most important problems:

  • An environment that fosters professional growth and development.
  • Top technical and business experts from around the world coming together to share technologies, research, and security practices.
  • A security community that is rewarding and enjoyable to participate in.

This is a conference that does a rather good job of striking a balance between technical talks and business needs. Not something that is overly common. The CFP for this year is already closed and I'm sure there will be some great content available. With just under a month to go be sure to get your tickets soon so that you can catch keynotes from the likes of Justine Aitel and Bruce Schneier. 

Not sure? Travel and training budgets are tight?

Here are the SOURCE Boston's own top ten reasons to attend. 

  1. Attendees have unprecedented access to leading minds in the security industry, including speakers, advisory board members, and sponsors.
  2. Real-world solutions to your real-world security problems.
  3. Over 45 unique sessions with top industry experts.
  4. Evening activities are designed to maximizing networking and business development opportunities.
  5. Learn how top technologies can be applied to a professional setting.
  6. Improve your security knowledge base.
  7. Develop business opportunities with other attendees who share your interests
  8. Participate in workshops and discussion groups 
  9. No sales pitches. Only security you can use.
  10. Build lasting professional relationships.

Need something more? Well, they will actually help you with any questions you might have as to whether to not this conference is right for you and/or your team. If you have any questions drop them a line at "info at sourceconference dot com"

Tickets are on sale now.

I'll be attending along with a small army of fellow Akamai staffers. Hope to see you there.

(Image used under CC from AJolly)

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