Windows XP: 30 days until game over

Not to long ago I wrote a missive about the death of Windows XP and the inevitable end of support from Microsoft approaching in less than 30 days now. There is still a large swath of users our there have are on this platform even now. Tomorrow, Microsoft  will release what I believe is the last batch of patches for Windows XP. There might be one last round but, c'mon. Will this make it secure? Not a chance. This is an unsupported platform. If you're still using this and have not already started transitioning off it you'd better start polishing up your resume. 

April 8th looms off in the distance. The end of support date. So many systems still use this for automated teller machines and similar. Some critical infrastructure systems still leverage XP to a certain extent. Then there are the companies who still use this as a desktop. Get ready for annoying pop-ups. That is, if they're patched to current. 

On my own website,, I ran the numbers. In the last month I had 454 visitors that were running Windows XP. That number doesn't cause me as much stress as the two who were running Windows 98 or the one on NT. Why why WHY? 

Will this round of patches make Windows XP safe? No. Will this stanch the blood flow a little? Perhaps. If people are still running Windows XP as their main operating system they've either thrown their hands up in the air in defeat and said, "come at me bro" to the dark things that lurk on the Internet or do not have the wherewithal to do anything about it. Either way, they need to find a deep dark hole to hide in as their is a storm coming.  Digital shrapnel will rain from the binary sky. No one will be spared..ok, I may have gotten a bit lot carried away.

But, I digress.

Now, where was I? Oh yes. The patches. There are five patches altogether. One which deals with a nasty 0-day in Internet Explorer that is being actively exploited. I should point out that contrary to published reports, Windows XP support will not continue in China, or any other country for that matter.

Once the patches are pushed to the public I'll add a link here. 

[UPDATE]: As promised, here is the link.

(Image used under CC from marsmet532a)

(Image used under CC from Kokotron)

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