Cryptocat now available for your iThinger

Recently we saw a problem with the SSL implementation in Apple's iOS and OS X. Simply put, it was broken. This made it possible for encrypted traffic to potentially be intercepted.

A problem.

Enter the Cryptocat. This is an application that was written by fellow Canadian Nadim Kobeissi. This is an encrypted chat program that is now available for users of iOS devices. This application has not gone unnoticed by law enforcement. Kobeissi has been questioned by the DHS on several occasions. 

From Forbes:

“Out of my 4 DHS interrogations in the past 3 weeks, it’s the first time I’m asked about Cryptocat crypto and my passport is confiscated,” tweets Kobeissi. The US interrogator also asked about which encryption algorithms Cryptocat deployed and they were curious about its level of censorship resistance.

The application is available as either an in-browser application or now for iOS devices. The application encrypts all of the traffic before it leaves your system and, according to their website, is not susceptible to intercept. This software, like any, isn't fool proof and the author is clear about this on his site. 

Cryptocat does not anonymize you: While your communications are encrypted, your identity can still be traced since Cryptocat does not mask your IP address. For anonymization, we highly recommend using Tor.


Cryptocat does not protect against key loggers: Your messages are encrypted as they go through the wire, but that doesn't mean that your keyboard is necessarily safe. Cryptocat does not protect against hardware or software key loggers which might be snooping on your keyboard strokes and sending them to an undesired third party.


Cryptocat does not protect against untrustworthy people: Parties you're conversing with may still leak your messages without your knowledge. Cryptocat aims to make sure that only the parties you're talking to get your messages, but that doesn't mean these parties are necessarily trustworthy.

Taking all of that into account, I downloaded the app to give it a try.

Here are some screen shots.

Is your privacy important to you? Download Cryptocat and try it out. 

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