RSA 2014 Boycott Scorecard

It began on December 22nd 2013. Josh Thomas from Atredis withdrew from his talk at RSA 2014 this coming February in San Francisco.

Because my inbox and DMs are filling up: Yes, my RSA talk is 100% pulled as a moral imperative. Sorry. I'll blog the topic later.

— Josh Thomas (@m0nk_dot) December 23, 2013


Next up, Mikko Hyponnen, from F-Secure, publicly announced that he was withdrawing his talk from the RSA 2014 security conference due to his opposition to the alleged deal that RSA had with NSA to weaken the security of their products.

From CSO Online:

In a letter to Joseph Tucci, and Art Coviello, F-Secure's Mikko Hypponen says he is canceling his talk at the 2014 RSA Conference, due to the company's deal with the NSA.

Mikko Hypponen, a widely known security expert and speaker, has given many presentations at the RSA Conference over the years. However, his talk scheduled for the 2014 RSA Conference in February, "Governments as Malware Authors" isn't going to happen.

For more on the background as to why some speakers are pulling out of RSA 2014 check out Robert Graham's post "Why we have to boycott RSA". Also, Bill Brenner has weighed in on the subject with his post "So You Wanna Boycott RSA Conference 2014". As a result of the growing number of people withdrawing from RSA 2014, I have decided to keep a running scoreboard here. This isn't a pro or con discussion piece. This is here merely as a service to folks who want to keep abreast of developments regarding this subject. 

Name Withdrawn Type Reference
Josh Thomas Dec 22, 2013 Talk Link
Mikko Hyponnen Dec 23, 2013 Talk/Panel Link
Chris Palmer Dec 24, 2013 Talk Link

Jeffrey Carr

Jan 3, 2013 Talk Link
Adam Langley Jan 7, 2014 Panel Link

Chris Soghoian

Jan 7, 2014 Panel Link
Marcia Hofmann Jan 7, 2014 Panel


Alex Fowler Jan 7, 2014 Panel Link
Eoin Keary Jan 9, 2014 Training Link
Jim Manico Jan 9, 2014 Training Link
Jon Callas TBD Talk Link
F-Secure Jan 8, 2014 Sponsor Error
Dave Kearns Jan 8, 2014 Talk Link
Roel Schouwenberg Jan 20, 2014 Talk Link

Should you have information about a speaker or sponsor that I may have overlooked please leave a note in the comment section below.

I will update this post as more come in. Be sure to check back.

(Image used under CC from occhiena)

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