Poll: Biggest WTH moments in infosec

What do you see as the most infamous what-the-heck moments in infosec history?

As I assemble my next slideshow, I'm doing something I always try to do: Work your feedback into the finished product.

This one has a few working titles:

--20 moments of infosec blunder

--20 WTH moments in infosec history (What-the-heck is the most family-friendly acronym I can use if I take this route)

--20 moments of infosec infamy

You get the picture.

So tell me, my friends: When you think of moments you saw a headline about something in infosec and asked, "What were they thinking?" or "How could that have possibly happened?", what's the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe it was a particular data security breach. Maybe it was an online thief caught in an act of supreme stupidity. Maybe it was an outrageous claim that blew up in a vendor's face.

You can opine in the comments section (keep it respectful, please) or shoot me an email at bbrenner@cxo.com.

Polls are open until midnight Thursday. Thanks, everyone!

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