#FFSec, April 5: Five infosec pros who stand out

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First, a few moments of silence for Kurt Cobain, found dead 19 years ago today, and Layne Staley, found dead 11 years ago today...

This week's standouts:

1.) @BsidesBoston: Though not an individual, I include this one because I'm a Bostonian excited to see the return of B-Sides to my backyard. Follow for updates on the agenda, and try to make it there if you can.

2.) @SPCoulson: I only recently started following Stuart Coulson, a UK-based online security specialist, and I've quickly found value in his insight. I think you will, too.

3.) @dewzi: Just a few of the reasons you should follow Marisa Fagan: She's co-founder of BayThreat, founder of The InfoSecMentors Project, and organizer/moderator for SECore.info, South Bay area, California.

4.) @anthonymfreed: Anthony Freed, community engagement coordinator at Tripwire, is a good friend who comes up with some truly enterprising ideas, including all the pictures you saw from RSA, BSidesLV and BSidesSF, with people answering security questions on white boards shaped like a talking bubble.

5.) @marcusjcarey: Marcus Carey, hacker and self-described "former U.S. Navy spook," is a favorite of mine because he's not afraid to dive into the middle of the myriad infosec debates on Twitter and give you a piece of his mind. He did it to me this week in response to a post I wrote about North Korea, and while I didn't agree with everything he said, I walked away wiser for having had the discussion.

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Also recommended for following:

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@SecBarbie @ashimmy @beaker @falconsview @georgevhulme @jack_daniel @jtkeating @mgbits @SecRunner @WH1T3RABBIT

@bug_bear @spacerog @myrcurial @benrothke @jjx @dewzi @danielkennedy74 @lauren @Hack_the_Lab @selenakyle

@wardspan @nselby @hrbrmstr

@DrInfoSec @krowney @diami03 @securityninja @danphilpott @DDrazic @halvarflake @BrandenWilliams

 @0security @hackeracademy @InfoSec208 @jaysonstreet @jgarcia62 @darryl_macleod

@dsalons (for the legal perspective) @yo9fah @daveshackleford @pmhesse @wireheadlance @dlitchfield @kevinmitnick

@wimremes @DeathwishDuck @Steve_Hunt @jeffsieben @coolacid @randomuserid

@leighhollowell @petermannmc @Shpantzer @rybolov @csoandy @e_cowperthwaite @grecs

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@SecurityExpert @attritionorg @ABCecurity @indi303

@spiresec @securityspeak @hack3rcon @humanhacker

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