Follow Monday! Five infosec pros who stand out

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A heavy schedule prevented me from doing this Friday per usual. So I've decided to do a special Monday edition.

This week's standouts:

1.) @K0nsp1racy: K.C. Yerrid, a senior consultant with FishNet Security, has expertise on a wide array of security topics and I enjoy his blog. But one of the things I appreciate the most is his involvement in the Information Technology Burnout Project.

2.) @adamshostack: Adam Shostack, a programmer at Microsoft and ringleader of the Emergent Chaos blog, is also author of "The New School of Information Security." He has consistently pushed for more rigor and clarity in the abundance of security research out there. We're better for it.

3.) @indi303: Chris Nickerson, founder of Lares, has not always agreed with my positions. But he's always respectful about it, and when he challenges a position I always gain deeper insight. I also admire the heck out of his work ethic.

4.) @quine: Zach Lanier, senior research consultant at Accuvant, has been a trusted voice in the realm of mobile security research. His work on the Android phone has been particularly valuable to me. He's also done a lot to build up the infosec community, spearheading the Security Twits and Beansec for a time.

5.) @pauldotcom: Paul Asadoorian, product evangelist at Tenable Network Security, is perhaps best known for his weekly podcast, which I've been honored to be on a couple of times. If you haven't yet checked out PaulDotCom Security Weekly, you're missing out.

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