#FFSec, March 8: Five infosec pros who stand out

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This week's standouts:

1.) @myrcurial: James Arlen is a self-described infosec geek, hacker, social activist, author, speaker and parent. Take it from me: He does all of those things exceptionally well, which is why we frequently use him as a source in articles. He also delivers his opinions on Twitter forcefully, unflinchingly and often amusingly.

2.) @benrothke: Ben Rothke is manager of information security at Wyndham Worldwide Corp., and the scribe of many security books and articles. We at CSO clearly value what he has to offer, since he has authored quite a few articles for us. He's a voice of reason, which we can never get enough of in this industry.

3.) @alexhutton: Alex Hutton is the man I go to when I need to understand the challenges of Big Data and risk better. I'm a better journalist because of what he's taught me, and his tweets will teach you a lot, too.

4.) @joshcorman: Josh Corman is one of today's leading voices on everything from secure coding (he is founder of Rugged Software) to the future of hacktivism. He has been called a security philosopher and I think that description fits. I've particularly appreciated his efforts in the past to break people of the mindset that PCI DSS compliance is THE roadmap to an ironclad defense.

5.) @stacythayer: Stacy Thayer is founder and executive director of the SOURCE conference. SOURCE Boston is one of my favorites in terms of the content provided and the networking opportunities. She inspires infosec pros to volunteer their time in organizing these events, and she is a consensus builder. You will learn much from her.

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