Wisdom Watch: Outlook 2013

A look at potential winners and losers in information security as we look ahead to the next 12 months.

winners losers sign directions arrows

We never know what the future will hold. But based on how things are unfolding early in 2013, there are clues to where infosec may be headed. Please indulge me as I try to get this crystal ball working.

Thumbs both ways -- President Obama: He's done more to tackle cybersecurity than his more recent predecessors. But he's also taken drone warfare to levels that threaten our civil liberties. His choice of White House advisor John Brennan -- architect of the drone program -- as the next head of the CIA suggests our Constitutional rights will be threatened for a long time to come.

Thumbs both ways -- Anonymous: The loose network of hacktivists have been targeting hate groups of late, suggesting a new, heroic direction. But what they do is still illegal, and a wise person once said that "two wrongs don't make a right."

Thumbs down -- NSA's "Perfect Citizen" power grid security plan: As Taylor Armerding recently wrote, The National Security Agency (NSA) calls its semi-secret technology to protect the nation's power grid  "Perfect Citizen." But it's far from perfect in the eyes of privacy advocates, who find it somewhat odd and amusing, but mostly disturbing.

Thumbs up -- Free security tools: The bad guys will always be there. Government will continue to do more harm than good. But we can take comfort in the fact that free infosec tools will always be around. [See our slideshow on this].

Thumbs up -- Security execs who share: Security is a tough job. Some say it's an impossible job. But as long as CSOs, CISOs and other security execs continue to share their ideas freely, everything in the bigger picture  will be fine. (See "77 MORE great ideas for running a security program")

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