So much data, so little time

I'm reporting and researching for a January feature on Big Data, but I want to open the floor for wider discussion. Read on.

I'm currently knee deep in my reporting and research for a January article on Big Data and security. I'm pursuing a couple different angles, but want to invite everyone to be part of the process.

I'm looking at the security risks of Big Data and ways it can also be a security enabler. Part of the story will be a case study on how one company is using massive data stores to improve security responsiveness. I'll also zero in on the usual efforts of vendors to manipulate another buzz term to drum up sales.

But there are plenty of other areas to address, and that's where you come in.

In the comments section below, I'd like to hear about your own approach to Big Data. How are you using it? What are the strengths and drawbacks? If you don't want to out your company, feel free to post anonymously.

Also send me any questions you'd like me to ask as I continue to interview CSOs, CISOs, analysts and other infosec practitioners. If you don't like using the comments section but want to be heard, shoot me an email at


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