(ISC)2 Board of Directors election results: @gattaca is in

Those elected include Dave Lewis (@gattaca). The results follow one of the more spirited campaigns (ISC)2 has seen in some time.

After a particularly spirited campaign featuring some well-known infosec pros, results of the (ISC)2 Board of Directors election are in.

From the (ISC)2 website:

We are pleased to announce the results of the 2012 (ISC)2 Board of Directors Election. Please join us in welcoming the following members you elected to the (ISC)² Board of Directors beginning 1 January 2013: 

Diana-Lynn Contesti, CISSP-ISSMP, CSSLP, SSCP 

Dave Lewis, CISSP

Dr. Corey Schou, CSSLP

Hiroshi Yasuda, CISSP

Several highly-respected infosec professionals campaigned for a spot on the ballot this year, including  Scot Terban, aka @Krypt3ia, Chris Nickerson, aka @indi303, and Boris Sverdlik, aka @Jadedsecurity. Many have criticized (ISC)2, which administers testing for the CISSP security certification, for letting the process languish. Some have let their certification lapse and, upon doing so, have bragged about it on Twitter and elsewhere.

I've brought up the criticism in a couple converations with (ISC)2 Executive Director Hord Tipton. His message: There will always be haters, but a majority of the 80,000 people (ISC)2 serves are happy."What irks people is that certs are job requirements and some folks don’t feel they need a certification to be validated," Tipton told me in one interview last year. "It's often the same people who are fussing."He admitted the organization isn't perfect, and that members regularly have the opportunity to offer feedback on what could be better.

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"We received 20,000 responses to the most recent survey," he said. "We evaluate everything we hear and use the feedback to make our certification program better." But,he added,"The quickest way to fail is by trying to satisfy everyone." One piece of feedback the organization is working into the program is a sharper focus on forensics, he said.

--More on this conversation in "(ISC)2 exec director: There will always be haters."

All that said, some believe the only ticket to meaningful change is fresh blood on the board. Now Dave has the chance to leave a mark. Congratulations!

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