#FFSec is not a contest

Since changing the format of my #FollowFriday list earlier this month, I've gotten many messages requesting that I add certain people. Some clarity on how this works is in order.

I'm pleased to see readers' reactions to the new Follow Friday format I unveiled earlier this month. But since then I've gotten many emails and Tweets from people who either have friends they want added or want to be added themselves. And so some clarity is in order.

[First two #FFSec lists with the new format: Jan 25 and Jan. 11]

If you know people who you get a lot of value from following and you think they should be added to my list, by all means let me know. But also know that I'm not automatically going to add everyone you suggest. If you think you deserve to be added, feel free to tell me so, but don't expect an automatic response.

When all is said and done, this is my own personal list of those I get value from following. It's based on years of first following, then getting to know people and what they bring to the table. I don't add people unless I truly know and learn from them on a regular basis.

Your suggestions are always helpful and appreciated. Indeed, I've found many new people to follow along the way thanks to your feedback. But I need to follow a person for awhile and see what they're about before I put them on the list.

So if you suggest someone and don't see their immediate addition, don't be discouraged. Rarely do I follow someone you suggest without eventually adding them.

Getting to know new people takes time and patience. Thanks for yours.

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