Cloud Security Alliance set to unleash 20-plus research and guidance reports

The Cloud Security Alliance plans to release more than 20 research and guidance reports at the upcoming annual CSA Congress Nov. 7 and 8 in Orlando.

When it gathers Nov. 7 and 8 for the annual CSA conference in Orlando, the Cloud Security Alliance will be armed with a mountain of research about every cloud security challenge one can think of.

"Of note, the CSA is extending its industry-leading research efforts into mobile and big data as these technologies have become closely interrelated with cloud and security," CSA spokesperson Kari Walker said in an email.

Here's a look at what's on the agenda:

Mobile Security Guidance:  The Mobile Working Group will release a comprehensive report providing security guidance for critical areas of focus in mobile computing to help enterprises understand where they should place their resources and focus when it comes to addressing mobile security threats.

Big Data Security:  The Big Data Working Group will unveil the group’s first research report identifying new and fundamentally different technical and organizational problems when addressing big data security and privacy. 

Privacy Level Agreement (PLA):  The PLA Working Group will release its compliance baselines for data protection legislation and best practices for defining a standard for a framework for communicating the level of privacy measures.

Health Information Management (HIM): The HIM Working Group plans to outline how Business Associate Agreements impact the adoption of cloud offerings in the healthcare industry.

Security as a Service (SecaaS): The SecaaS Working Group will present their implementation guidance documents and present addendums to each including use cases, scenarios, and maturity models.  The group’s leadership will discuss next steps and the roadmap for 2013.

Trusted Cloud Initiative (TCI): The TCI leadership will showcase new functionalities for the next phase of the interactive website.  CSA Interact will be unveiled for change control features.  The new working group charter for scope and structure for 2013 will also be shared.

Additionally, a number of other CSA working groups will be on hand to present new research and guidelines on some of the CSA’s most active and critical research topics and initiatives including the Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM), Consensus Assessments Initiative (CAIQ), Top Threats, Interact, Forensics, ISACA, Cloud Trust Protocol (CTP), Cloud Audit and Small and Mid-size Businesses (SMB).

"The consumerization of technology has not only led to the adoption low cost cloud computing, but has also enabled ubiquitous mobile devices and rapid growth in big data implementations.  Cloud, mobile and big data are interrelated in many ways and all have security issues which must be addressed.  We are very excited to extend our industry-leading research efforts into mobile and big data and look forward to premiering this research at the CSA Congress in Orlando on November 7 and 8," Jim Reavis, executive director of the CSA, said in a statement. "This year's attendees will not only have the advantage of gaining first hand access to our latest research, but they will have the unique opportunity to engage with the researchers, ask questions and take back some great intelligence on how to apply all this research to their own cloud security.”

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