New Akamai security team in place: McKeay joins Corman, Smith, Ellis

Security blogger, podcaster and QSA Martin McKeay is moving over to Akamai, completing an expanded security team.

He announced it last night on his Network Security Podcast with Josh Corman, who announced his move to Akamai late Friday.

"I am making my (partial) escape from PCI! As of Monday, Aug. 1, I will be the newest Akamai security evangelist," McKeay announced on Twitter shortly after the podcast. "I'm leaving a good company (and) good people at Verizon. But working at Akamai ... is soo much cooler!"

The announcement completes the lineup of a new team called Security Intelligence, which is to be Akamai's security face to the industry. McKeay and Corman join CSO Andy Ellis and Mike Smith (@rybolov).

--Bill Brenner

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