Tips to avoid being bit by CryptoLocker (and what to do if you are)

InfoSec Institute's Kim Crawley details CryptoLocker, the latest in scareware, and offers suggestions for avoiding infection

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As early as 2007, if not earlier, Windows users encountered the very first rogue antivirus programs. Even today, end users are easily fooled by this vicious type of malware.

Developers of rogue antivirus programs usually put a lot of effort into creating GUIs that resemble legitimate antivirus programs or OS components such as Windows Defender.

Contrary to popular belief, rogue AVs aren't exclusive to Windows. In May 2011, the first rogue AV for Mac OS X was discovered. In June of this year, the first Android rogue AV was discovered. If rogue AVs for Linux distros, other Unix/BSD distros, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone don't already exist, they're inevitable.

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