Pen Tester's Guide: Steps for Executing a Social-Engineering Attack


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A detailed guide for testing your organization's insiders and their vulnerability to a social-engineering attack via a targeted spear-phishing campaign

Investing the time and money into guarding your perimeter is a waste of resources if a targeted and industrious hacker is able to compromise someone on the inside of your business. Unfortunately, that happens all too often in breaches and other types security events.

That is why Eric Milam, is a senior security assessor on the Accuvant LABS, believes all organizations need to put staff to the test, and find out where the potential weaknesses may be, by conducting a social-engineering experiment.

Milam has over a decade of experience in infosec and has performed countless security assessments and penetration tests of application and enterprise environments. In this guide, Milam reveals, in extensive detail, his methodology for executing a social engineering attack via a spear phishing campaign.

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