Open Data Center Alliance working on cloud usage models

Aims to help cloud users quickly identify risks and security management toolsets

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The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) is an independent organization that aims to give its members a voice in shaping the future of cloud computing. The alliance is developing "usage models" to meet the challenge of providing secure cloud environments. The models lay out a set of standard tools that allow vendors to offer different levels of security to cloud-consuming organizations, so that IT and security executives can quickly understand where the threats are and mitigate the risks.

CSO contributor Bob Violino recently interviewed alliance president Curt Aubley, vice president and chief technology officer, Cyber & NexGen Innovation at Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Global Solutions, about cloud security issues and the alliance's efforts to help secure the cloud.

CSO: How does cloud computing fit into your own company's plans, and what do you see as some of the biggest challenges associated with the cloud computing environment?Curt Aubley: At Lockheed Martin, we are both a consumer and provider of cloud services. We deliver some of the largest clouds in the world for our customers and rely on our internal clouds for accelerating our agile research and development every day. The challenges of cloud computing are many, [and] include understanding the importance of your data, its classification, which clouds can be leveraged based on their certifications, service level agreements, and transparency of end-to-end operations across people, process, and technology.

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