10 MORE service requests that make IT support folks cry

In September, CSO brought you 7 service requests that make IT support folks cry. The slideshow was an amusing look at the incidents and requests can lead to instant cases of insanity. We asked for more, and you delivered. So with that said, here's 10 more reasons to laugh and/or cry.

Person crying

Sadness abounds in IT security

After we gave you 7 service requests that make IT support folks cry, we heard from many more of you with tales to tell us. Read on for some of the more amusing ones we collected.


Sales slip-up

My company was hired to install new equipment at a bank. I had to adjust the printing on the customers' receipts. A few more weeks passed and the customer called in a tirade that the printing was out of alignment again. He wanted the defective equipment replaced and didn't want to pay some of his bill. I was sent out.

I noticed thr receipt felt like regular colored paper and had guide lines. Come to find out that they printed their own blank receipts and cut them. They were all different sizes. When I pointed this out to the customer, he couldn't understand why they still wouldn't line up. - David L.

water bottle

Water where?

I once had an IT ticket open requesting that bottled water be put on the conference room table.

My favorite was an IT ticket opened stating that an employee wasn't at their cube. I closed the ticket and in the resolution field I put "IT dept does not have spare employees in equipment inventory."- Zach J.

Green jack

Un-color coordinated

Ring:"This is Tad."

Lump:"My computer!"

Tad:"What is wrong?"

Lump:"My computer, it's not working."

Tad:"What is not working?"

Lump:"My computer!"

(Conversation continues to downgrade from there, until...)

..."put the green plug back in the green socket. Can you hear your music now?"

...Call ends. IT tech lays head on desk in deep depression. - Tad H.

Teal screen

TOO color coordinated

We used a high end terminal emulator for medical records archiving. Along with the $400 per user license, the software had a load of bells and whistles.

We set up the emulater screens at the defaults. Suddenly several users called in at the same time that their screens were blank. Eight users in one pod decided, at the same time, to use teal as a background color and it looked so nice they decided to make the font teal as well.

Shortly thereafter we reset the images that the same colors were not available on both the background and font. The problem went away. - Jim M.


Convenience over security

Co-worker: Have they dumped the files yet?

Me: Are you asking about backup? It should happen tonight around 02:00.

Co: I want to make sure it hasn't happened.

Me: Are you telling me you have something sensitive on the computer, such as personnel records, job performance, whatever?

Co: Well, yes. I'm writing a poor-performance report. I don't want it stored onto tape.

Me: You should have it stored elsewhere, not on a shared file system.

Co: But that wouldn't be convenient.

- Peter N.

power strip

Power loss

This goes back to the early days... A customer was having a problem with their computer. We told them to shut it down and turn it back on. Shortly afterwards, we got calls from that client site. Come to find out that they shut the power off on the power strip which also had their file server connected to it. - David L.


Person on smartphone

Distracted users

Don't you like it when you're on the phone trying to guide the user through resolving their issue and they start opening different programs because they wanted to check their email or Facebook? - David L.

USB connections

Network hang-up

I had a network guy swear that my system was hanging up their network... When I asked for them to show me he went to the local switch and disconnected "my" system from their network.

Yes indeed the network was happy, however, my system could still access the network... Hmmm

-Ernie S.

Call center

Tiresome time on hold

A company that I worked at that supplied help desk support closely monitored various matrices. One support person's time on the phone was significantly longer than anyone else's time periodically during the day. Management was discussing letting this employee go until they listened to the tapes and spoke with the employee. Then, they actually rewarded him.

Why? The vice president of a company called for support and put the tech on hold, up to 20 minutes. The VP was surprised that the tech patiently waited for him and would always ask for the same tech and that company used more of our services. Our company sent out notifications that we were changing our policy not to be on hold for more than five minutes. - David L.

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