The 2013 CSO Holiday Gift Guide

A few suggestions from the CSO staff on what to give your favorite security professional this holiday season

Image of a brick

BYOD Policy Enforcer

Staff not following the rules? Is that Surface 2 suddenly acting as a remote storage device for all development projects? The BYOD Policy Enforcer is sure to enlighten the masses.

Image of a red button

The 'China Did It' Button

Have an incident and don't know who to blame? Just press the button and response teams will begin their reports and marketing efforts right away.

Image of a tent with tinfoil and NSA logo

NSA Privacy Tent

All forms of payment accepted, but must be verified using thumbprints, cheek swabs or a TSA pat down.

Edward Snowden Voodoo Doll

Edward Snowden Voodoo Doll

A great gift for your favorite director of national intelligence, as well as the minority and majority leadership in the House.