5 ways to lockdown your mobile device

Locking your mobile device is important because it's often your first line of defense. It may not be the strongest form of security, but it could prove to be the difference in protecting your organization by keeping the device locked down until mobile device management measures like remote wiping are put into play. Here are five ways to lock on various mobile platforms.
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Image courtesy Alexander Shirokov

PIN/Password Lock (multiple platforms)

The personal identification number (or password) is the most tried-and-true and simplest form of local security. Most users opt to protect their device with a PIN that is at least four digits in length, while some go for a longer, more complicated password that combines both letters and numbers.

Those who care enough to make their PINs/passwords long and complex will enjoy a greater level of security here. After all, this option's greatest weakness stems from user error (or rather, apathy): lock your phone with an easily-guessed password like "1234" and that's precisely the level of security you'll enjoy. (Also see: Basic password hygiene)

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