How Endeavour Moved Securely Through Los Angeles

The NASA Endeavour space shuttle recently embarked on its final leg of the "Mission-26" road-trip to retirement. Here is a look at the security put in place by the Los Angeles Police Department in order to accomplish the 2-day, 12-mile road trip from LAX to a final display location at the California Science Center.

Image of Endeavour in the hangar
Credit: Axis Communications
Space Shuttle

A look at Space Shuttle Endeavour in a hangar at LAX before it embarks on its final 12-mile journey through the streets of Los Angeles, where it will dock one last time at the California Science Center (CSC).

Dome Network Camera
Credit: Axis Communications
Eye in the Sky

A 1080p AXIS Q6035-E PTZ Dome Network Camera overlooks the Mission 26 route to ensure the streets are clear and everything goes as planned.

The slowness of the Endeavour's journey (1-2 mph pace) allowed spectators to get up close and personal with a space shuttle. However, it also allowed more time for something wrong to happen, whether that's a heist, accident, natural disaster, vandalism or random act of violence.

Weather-proof enclosure
Credit: Axis Communications
Power Supply Enclosure

A weather-proof enclosure houses a mid-span power supply along the parade route to power the PoE PTZ cameras. A phone number was left to contact LAPD’s Major Crimes Division in case the pole needed to be taken down in order for the shuttle to fit down the street.

The temporary removal of hundreds of trees and street lights and signs to allow the space shuttle through added to the complexity of the event's security operations.

Cobham wireless mesh node
Credit: Axis Communications
High-level Communications

A weather-proofed Cobham wireless mesh node sits atop a 54-story LA skyscraper to relay video data communications from the IP surveillance cameras to the LAPD Command Center and mobile devices in the field.

LAPD officials said a key element of the security operations for the move was using the city scape.

Cobham Tech Joe Bonafede
Credit: Axis Communications
Security Technician

Joe Bonafede, who is recently retired from the NYPD, and currently a consultant with Cobham, configures a wireless mesh node during final preparations for Mission 26: the Final Endeavour.

A view inside the Command Center
Credit: Axis Communications
Command Center

A view from inside the Command Center as the LAPD monitors the parade route to ensure that the 170,000-pound, 78-foot wide space shuttle makes it through the streets safely.

: Another view inside the Command Center
Credit: Axis Communications
Command Center

Another view from inside of the Command Center.

Screenshot of Space Shuttle Endeavour
Credit: Axis Communications
Final Movements

A screenshot from the cameras capture the Space Shuttle Endeavour as it makes its way down Manchester Boulevard en route to the California Science Center. Officials stand by to make way for the shuttle.

Space shuttle moves down Manchester Blvd.
Credit: Axis Communications
Ready for Retirement

The space shuttle continues it way down Manchester Boulevard to its final resting place where it will be displayed at the CSC.