All Together Now

Richard Loving, CSO and director of administration at BWX Technologies (BWXT), talked excitedly about the two-day security summit he hosted in Washington, D.C., for the general manager and top security manager at each of the nuclear facilities BWXT operates. Loving says the goal was to "work among ourselves and talk with the highest level of customers to understand their needs and perspectives." Participants included the president of BWXT and representatives from the Department of Energy.

The summit is another outgrowth of the more centralized security strategy Loving has helped put in place since becoming CSO last June. Last summer BWXT decided to make sure security, which previously had been run independently by managers at each plant, became more of a collaborative effort.

"It's part of an evolving process, to look at security more holistically rather than approaching from the top down. We're looking at more of a facilitative approach," says Loving, adding that the summit will become an annual event.

At Wells Fargo, CSO Bill Wipprecht holds an annual training event for his agents in Las Vegas or Phoenix. Professional speakers are brought in, and there's a dinner to present an agent-of-the-year award. "It brings camaraderie, allows people to meet each other and provides the opportunity for personal relationships," he says. "It's a great event."

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